Our history begins in 1992 when Kent Karlsson and Arnold Bodlund started to fish together. They started with catching herring in the spring and pike in the summer. After couple of years they started trawl fishery of vendace, and this was the beginning of the production of Kalix vendace caviar, Kalix löjrom.

Soon the production was enlarged by manufacturing of ready-to-made fish products and sauces. These were sold in our own shop in Pålänge and through wholesalers and grocery stores. In 2002 started sales in “In store”-shop inside ICA in Luleå, and 2004 even in Boden.

Later, part of the company was sold, only the fishery part of the company was behold under the name Guldhaven Fiske i Kalix Ab. Teija Aho started as a CEO in 2014 and the company changed name to Guldhaven Pelagiska Ab. This was the starting point for the investment in new factory and development of fishery and new products. First part of the new modern fish factory was finished in 2015 and the caviar production started in the new facilities. Soon started even production of the surströmming, sour herring, in new specially designed and built production halls.

Guldhaven expanded even more in 2017 by buying fish farming company Fiskcentrum i Piteå Ab, which produces locally farmed rainbow trout.

Guldhaven Pelagiska