The company – Fishery

Our most important fishery is the trawl fishery of vendace. The vendace season is short and very intensive. Fishing usually starts at 20th September and lasts four to five weeks. We use our two trawlers Vilma and Natalia for pair-trawling in vendace fishery. Fishing is regulated in collaboration with authorities and the fishermen themselves. Stock assessment is done by SLU, the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, communicated to the fishermen, and fishermen them decide themselves on the fishing effort each year.

Coastal fishing

During the spring we fish herring mainly for producing the Swedish specialty “surströmming”, fermented herring. In the summer we fish perch with small traps and salmon with large push-up traps. These gear types are both seal safe and selective. We also fish pike and whitefish with both traps and gillnets. The most recent fishery is a trap-net fishery of bream and ide as part of a project to clean Baltic Sea from excess nutrients. Read more about this project here.

Our fish farm for Rainbow trout

Our fish farm is located in Jävrebodarna in Piteå. The farm (Fiskcentrum i Piteå AB) is a subsidiary to Guldhaven and produces ca 360 tonnes of Rainbow trout yearly. Our Rainbow trout is called Polarregnbåge and the name reflects both the area and the clean and cold waters of the Polar region where the fish is grown up. High quality of fish is very important for us. Our own local fish farm ensures short transportation and handling time of fish and gives us the best quality of products.


In addition to our own fishery we also buy fresh wild-caught fish from local fishermen. Fishermen can deliver fish, such as perch, pike, whitefish, salmon, bream and ide, directly to our production facility. Read more about the local small-scale fishery here.




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