Our products

Kalix vendace roe, Kalix caviar

Production of Kalix löjrom is mostly done by hand. This ensures the best possible quality of the caviar. After landing the catch an intense work begins in the production. Female vendace is separated from the catch and the roe is removed by hand. Male vendace is filleted with a filleting machine.

The roe is then rinsed, excess water allows to dry and after that roe is salted and packed as Kalix caviar. Package sizes of 80, 200 and 500 grams all carry Guldhavens own quality label. Kalix caviar is sold frozen. For best results, the roe should be let thaw overnight in cool temperature (preferably in refrigerator). The most traditional way of enjoying Kalix löjrom is on a very thin hard bread, in Swedish called tunnbröd, with red onion and some sour cream.

The vendace fish itself is very delicious and can be served for example fried, deep fried, grilled, sautéed, as boquerones, in soup or baked in a bread in a Finnish way. We produce both headed and gutted and filleted vendace.


Fermented herring OH JÄS!

We produce the special Swedish delicacy surströmming, fermented herring, with our own brand OH JÄS! Surströmming is available as whole herring, fillets and selected roe herring.


Fresh fish

Availability of freshly caught local fish varies according to seasons. During the spring and summer we can offer herring, perch, pike, whitefish and wild salmon, both cleaned and filleted. Autumn is the vendace season and during the winter we occasionally have burbot and pike.



We start perch fishery as soon as ice melts in the spring. Perch is fished with cages of our own design. Perch is scaled and filleted with skin on. Therefore they have more taste and are easy to fry as the skin holds the fillets together nicely. Fillet sizes are 20-40 g and 40-60 g.


Rainbow trout, Polarregnbåge

Our rainbow trout, Polarregnbåge, is farmed in Jävrebodarna in Piteå, our own fish farm. We sell both cleaned whole fish, fillets, cubes, minced meat etc.



Our herring products, herring fillets and rolled herring fillets, come from small-scale coastal gill-net fishery. Herring from Bothnian Bay is much smaller in size than the Baltic and Atlantic herring and contains less fat. This creates the characteristic delicate taste of our northern herring.



Our pike products include pike fillet, minced pike meat and pike caviar. Pike caviar is made in the same way as vendace caviar and it resembles a lot of whitefish caviar in taste.



Wild Baltic salmon

Wild Baltic salmon is caught with trap-nets in Bothnian Bay area. We offer several salmon products, both fresh and frozen.

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